Tuesday, January 1, 2008

December Dinner

December Skal Dinner was held aboard Barcelanto at Panjim, Courtsey Mr. Ernest Dias . Dinner was attended by Members and there Familes and Photographs are availble on our site skalgoa.multiply.com

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Aug Dinner

The August Skal Dinner is slated to be held on Wed. 29th Aug 2007 , 8.00pm at Mandovi hotels. Venue, Dinner and Cocktails are Courtsey Mr. Ramnath Quenim and Mr. Satish Prabhu. Wines will be sponsored by Bluefold wines. Official Intimation will be sent soon.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Executive Commitee Meeting

All Executive Committee Members and Office Bearers are Requested to attend the Meeting at 7.30 Pm at The Marriotts , Panjim to undertake regular Business of the Comittee.

Skal Goa - July Dinner

Members Only Dinner for Month of July 2007 is being hosted by Mr. Tyrone D'souza (President) and Drinks are Hosted by Mr. Mario Sequira.

Venue : Marriotts , Panjim Goa
Time : 8.00 Pm
Dress Code : Smart Casuals.

RSVP is Required : 0832 2454545 or 9850398231

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Video Coverage News Line Goa

NewsLine Goa Coverage Video of function at Taj is availble for download. Please Click on the Posts Heading above to follow the Link to Skal Goa Video download page.

On the Video download page , right click on the Video Image and select save link as...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Photographs - Installation Ceremony

Photographs of the First Installation Ceremony Now availbale at


Please note these photo's can be ordered during next Dinner.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Skal Installtion Dinner - 2007

Skål International Dinner was succesfuly held at Taj Exotica , Goa on 27th April 2007 and was attended by Most of the members and Invites.

Chief Guest Mr. Ash Sofat , Joint Chief Executive , Somak Holidays was kind enough to be present to boost the Morale of this new Branch.

Mr. Jason Samuel , President Sk
ål International Bombay and National Vice President Installed the club by presenting the Presidents Pendent to First President Mr. Tyrone D'Souza.

The Ceremony was followed by a Faboulous Cocktail & Dinner hosted by Mr. Allwyn Drego, GM Taj Exotica.

Photo's will Follow soon.....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

April Skal Dinner

Its Proposed to Have the Skal Dinner for April 2007 (The Inaugral Dinner) on 27th April 2007 at Taj Exotica at 7.30 Pm. Official Invitations will be sent in Due course.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

General Body Meeting Minutes - 10th April 2007

Minutes of the General Body Meeting Held at Dona Alcina on 10th April 2007

1. Meeting was attended by 14 Members and 4 Guests (Proposed Members)

2. Meeting was chaired by Mr. Tyrone D'Souza Hon. President.

3. It was decided that committee will have equal number of members from the Trade segments and will not have More then 8 members for the Present strength of Members. later on we may add / co-opt members in case Airlines People Join the club.

4. A New Executive Committee as was proposed by Mr. Shailesh Sanzgiri and seconded By Mr. Jude Sodders and was accepted by all the members present for the Year 2007-08.

5. The New Executive Committee constitutes of

a.) Mr. Tyrone D'Souza, MD Splendour Holidays
b.) Mr. Charles Bonifacio, CEO Alfran Resorts
c.) Mr. Anoop Suri, GM Royal Goan Beach Club
d.) Mr. Pankaj Mathur, GM Cidade De Goa
e.) Mr. Nilesh Shah, MD Purushottam Bhgawandas & Assoc.
f.) Mr. Ashrafali Nizari, MD , Nizmar Resorts
g.) Mr. Ernest Dias, Vice President, Sita Travels
h.) Mr. Durgasrinivas Talmaraju, Area Manager , Indo Asia Tours

6. Executive Committee members selected following office Bearers.
a.) President - Mr. Tyrone D'Souza
b.) Vice President - Mr. Charles Bonifacio
c.) Secretary - Mr. Pankaj Mathur
d.) joint Secretary - Mr. Nilesh Shah
e.) Treasurer - Mr. Anoop Suri

7. It was proposed and accepted that Mr. Mughis Khan who is a member at Bombay and has been the most instrumental Factor in forming the SKAL Goa, will be Honorary member at Goa Club and will also guide the Club in future also.

8. Attendance was also discussed and concerns raised on the Lower turnout of the Members for the Monthly dinner meet. It was proposed and accepted that Executive Committee may terminate after taking into account all the factors membership of a person if he or she fails to attend at least 7 Dinner Meets in a Year.

9. It was also declared that Installation Dinner will be held at Taj Exotica on 27th April 2007 along with spouses. Invitations will be sent in due course. Intimation through the minutes also will be sent so that members can plan there dates in advance.

10. Those members who wish to bring there children along with them will have to co-ordinate with the GM - Taj Exotica as children will not be allowed for the Official ceremony but can join us later for dinner. we may have to request him for an area to leave children for the period of the ceremony.

11. It was also requested from Members as we only have a Member base of 31 Members . Where Goa has much higher number of qualified people who can join the club and we must invite more members into the club. For this purpose Forms can be downloaded from http://www.skal.org/ and given to these individuals who can submit the same along with a Cheque Favouring "SKAL International Goa" of Rs. 6000/- towards the annual Fee and One time registration. This amount also includes the 34 EURO Fee for the membership of SKAL International. Mr. Khan Explained in detail the SKAL Club and its aims and also clarified that only Hoteliers, Travel Agents, Tourism Bodies and Airlines can become members at present. It can be owners, No. 1 & No. 2 of the company with minimum of 5 Years of Managerial Experience.

12. Treasurer updated the Members on the Account Opening issues with HDFC Bank where it took almost One month to satisfy there queries and Yesterday Bank accepted all the Cheques and in a Day or two after we receive the cheque Book we will be able to remit the EURO fee to SKAL Spain and then in 30-45 Days we all should receive our Cards.

13. All New Members will be required to attend at Least Two Dinners (For which a Nominal Charge will be Charged by the club) and then only they will be Inducted as a member. On Request of Mr. Charles Bonifacio this clause has been waived for members joining till the Installation Dinner.

14. The Club also has to purchase the Gold Plated President's Medallion. which will be used during the Installation ceremony.

16. Club also Recorded the appreciation for the Efforts of Mr. Jason Samuel in formation of the SKAL Goa.

17. The Meeting was adjourned and was followed by Fellowship and Dinner very Kindly hosted by Mr. Charles Bonifacio. Committee & Members Thanked Mr. Charles Bonifacio for the same.